Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why a plant-based Diet? Reason Number 2

Compassion for Animals

     Have you ever experienced an event or a series of events that you knew in your heart was not a coincidence?  That you were in the right place, at the right time, listening and/or seeing something that struck you like a bolt of lightening or in my case, wrenched my gut?

    Yesterday, that happened to me in a two-fold whammy! I was listening to a podcast called "Main Street Vegan" which popped up in my search for information and truth about our food sources.

The guest speaker on this particular podcast (Nov. 25, 2015) was a man by the name of Phillip Wollen. I frankly had never heard of him, but he was once upon a time a big player in the corporate banking scene in Australia and had traveled the world extensively. He had a life changing experience in India that caused him to rethink the role of animals on our planet. Mr. Wollen is a very educated, well-spoken gentleman who is passionate about compassion for all species and has put his money where his heart is. I do not feel that I can do his story justice, but I encourage you to watch his debate on

You Tube: Animals Should Be Off The Menu!

   I have heard over the past few months about a documentary called "Earthlings" and Mr.
Wollen mentioned this movie in his debate. I decided to check it out and discovered the trailer on You-tube. After 30 seconds into this trailer I was physically ill and repulsed by what I saw. I don't know if I will ever be able to watch this show in it's entirety, but  I know that in the first 30 seconds I saw enough to know that I will never put another bite of meat in my mouth. I refuse to finance an industry that terrorizes, tortures, and treats animals in such barbaric fashion. I will never look at meat on a plate the same way again.

I know this is heavy stuff and it's hard to think about, but I encourage you as a compassionate, caring soul to not subsidize such horror with your dollar but instead use your hard earned money to actually feed yourself healthy food that in the long run with give you vitality well into your twilight years.

Yes, I did finally watch the movie "EARTHLINGS" and Yes, it was horrifying to witness animals being treated so violently and perhaps even more disturbing to know that humans are capable of such cruelty. But I have hope that hearts can be changed at any age once their eyes have been opened. I should know....I am just now opening my own eyes to where the food on our plate is REALLY coming from.

I hope that the above examples cause you to ponder I want to make a difference? How much gumption do I have to go against the grain of tradition, family, and hecklers and make the choice for compassion? For me, I sleep a lot better at night knowing I am treating the life I have been given with respect and knowing that other "earthlings" are not needlessly suffering for my pleasure.

If you feel like you need more support or encouragement may I suggest the little pocketbook:

"Letters to a New Vegan"

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