Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 10 of The Experiment

"Feeling good increases your flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness, and magnetism"...The Desire Map 

Please keep in mind that I wrote this diary back in February during the cold winter months when our natural instinct is to keep a little layer of extra padding to help keep the body insulated. Currently, I am cruising the Canadian Gulf Islands with my hubbie and a refrigerator stocked with fresh fruits and veggies and an oven that went on the kapootz! Oh well, just a little more cooking creativity required or MAYBE we are going to try another new method of eating : RAW !!!

Day 10:
 One thing I failed to mention is that I have spent the past 5 days at our cabin in the wilderness and when I say wilderness, I mean way remote.  It can only be accessed by snowmobile or some type of  snow worthy transportation in the winter.  There is no grocery store that is within 15 miles that one can just drive to on a whim. When we bring our food in by toboggan, that’s it, c’est ca! So, admittedly  it has been a bit more easy for me to adhere to this regime since I purchased and brought only those foods which were permitted on the Whole 30. That includes grass-fed steak, not organic pork chops (that my husband bought in complete innocence as he did not know how strict I wanted to be) and organic chicken breasts. Add to that arugula, a kale/chard mix, banana squash, spinach, tomatoes, organic carrots, a mix of peppers and onions, and sugar snap peas. We also brought in some coconut milk, coffee (I’m extremely unpleasant without my cup of coffee first thing in the morning), some coconut water, and some sparkling lime water so that I could feel as if I was joining my husband as he enjoyed his evening glass of red wine. Poor man, I must allow him some pleasure as I have taken away his chocolate in the evening (not for his sake, but for mine). It is amazing to me what a variety of meals we created with just those few grocery items : grilled, roasted, stir-fried, sautéed and most every dish was made in 30 minutes or less. 
 So I woke up today as enthusiastic as ever to begin my day with words of inspiration and a little yoga to stretch the old body out after a night of inactivity. ( I do believe that my shoulders might actually be a little more back...not that that has anything to do with the diet). Of course, I can’t begin to conceive of starting my morning without my coffee, but I am trying to be more aware of how much I consume as I have noticed that I am now subject to the jitters which I have never had before. I am pretty certain that my precious southern mother gave me “coffee milk”  in a bottle as a baby so it is a ritual that is near and dear to my heart and keeps those nasty headaches at bay (with the exception of the first few days on this eating regime). 
 In the late morning,  Ron and I went to our neighbor’s by snowmobile to “borrow” a few pieces of firewood as we have been smothered in fluffy white snow this week and burned our stash of firewood like easy inheritance money.  I felt great! Good mood all morning and eager to help load up the logs and tote them back down to our little cabin and stack them. Afterwards, I decided that I was ready to tackle that blasted mountain again by snowshoe. I felt energized and eager to wash my spirit in the quiet and serenity of the snow laden forest. It was a better hike than the last one...fewer rest stops and I actually had to push 6 or 7 inches of  fresh snow with every step I took so it was significantly more challenging for me. I was so thrilled to have the late afternoon sun greet me as I neared the end of the trail. I made it and with a smile on my face and the oxygen to think about other things besides “JUST BREATHE”. My knees did not hurt at all. I call it a successful hike. 
 After my hike, I was not famished as I usually am because I ate lunch...veggies, protein, and nuts and plenty of water right before I took off on this vigorous journey.
  However, about an hour after my return to the cabin...I started to have a major body needed fuel and needed it NOW! I may need to eat a bit more food before undertaking such strenuous exercise I tell myself.  I felt weak and on the verge of crankiness. Look Out Ron!!!  I made a quick chicken stir-fry for us to enjoy fireside and now I’m back in the saddle, content and satisfied.

The digestive tract has settled into a more “normal” routine as well. I really don’t like to comment on that too much unless something really “shitty” happens. 

So, that is it! That is my day 10! I’m in a better mood, more energetic, full of ideas, feeling stronger and leaner, and willing to see what day 11 brings. I still miss “cocktail” hour, but not as much as I did several days ago as I am realizing the effects of  no alcohol in the bloodstream: my mind being bright and clear and my body more capable of performing not only necessary daily tasks, but meeting the occasional challenges I demand throughout the day. ( like snowshoeing up a mountain from 7200 ft above sea level to about 8200 ft or more ).
 `a demain! 

Please stay tuned for Days 11-30 and what I learned about the body/mind/spirit connection while doing "The Experiment"!

It may be a couple of days before I get back to you!


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