Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 10 of The Experiment

"Feeling good increases your flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness, and magnetism"...The Desire Map 

Please keep in mind that I wrote this diary back in February during the cold winter months when our natural instinct is to keep a little layer of extra padding to help keep the body insulated. Currently, I am cruising the Canadian Gulf Islands with my hubbie and a refrigerator stocked with fresh fruits and veggies and an oven that went on the kapootz! Oh well, just a little more cooking creativity required or MAYBE we are going to try another new method of eating : RAW !!!

Day 10:
 One thing I failed to mention is that I have spent the past 5 days at our cabin in the wilderness and when I say wilderness, I mean way remote.  It can only be accessed by snowmobile or some type of  snow worthy transportation in the winter.  There is no grocery store that is within 15 miles that one can just drive to on a whim. When we bring our food in by toboggan, that’s it, c’est ca! So, admittedly  it has been a bit more easy for me to adhere to this regime since I purchased and brought only those foods which were permitted on the Whole 30. That includes grass-fed steak, not organic pork chops (that my husband bought in complete innocence as he did not know how strict I wanted to be) and organic chicken breasts. Add to that arugula, a kale/chard mix, banana squash, spinach, tomatoes, organic carrots, a mix of peppers and onions, and sugar snap peas. We also brought in some coconut milk, coffee (I’m extremely unpleasant without my cup of coffee first thing in the morning), some coconut water, and some sparkling lime water so that I could feel as if I was joining my husband as he enjoyed his evening glass of red wine. Poor man, I must allow him some pleasure as I have taken away his chocolate in the evening (not for his sake, but for mine). It is amazing to me what a variety of meals we created with just those few grocery items : grilled, roasted, stir-fried, sautéed and most every dish was made in 30 minutes or less. 
 So I woke up today as enthusiastic as ever to begin my day with words of inspiration and a little yoga to stretch the old body out after a night of inactivity. ( I do believe that my shoulders might actually be a little more back...not that that has anything to do with the diet). Of course, I can’t begin to conceive of starting my morning without my coffee, but I am trying to be more aware of how much I consume as I have noticed that I am now subject to the jitters which I have never had before. I am pretty certain that my precious southern mother gave me “coffee milk”  in a bottle as a baby so it is a ritual that is near and dear to my heart and keeps those nasty headaches at bay (with the exception of the first few days on this eating regime). 
 In the late morning,  Ron and I went to our neighbor’s by snowmobile to “borrow” a few pieces of firewood as we have been smothered in fluffy white snow this week and burned our stash of firewood like easy inheritance money.  I felt great! Good mood all morning and eager to help load up the logs and tote them back down to our little cabin and stack them. Afterwards, I decided that I was ready to tackle that blasted mountain again by snowshoe. I felt energized and eager to wash my spirit in the quiet and serenity of the snow laden forest. It was a better hike than the last one...fewer rest stops and I actually had to push 6 or 7 inches of  fresh snow with every step I took so it was significantly more challenging for me. I was so thrilled to have the late afternoon sun greet me as I neared the end of the trail. I made it and with a smile on my face and the oxygen to think about other things besides “JUST BREATHE”. My knees did not hurt at all. I call it a successful hike. 
 After my hike, I was not famished as I usually am because I ate lunch...veggies, protein, and nuts and plenty of water right before I took off on this vigorous journey.
  However, about an hour after my return to the cabin...I started to have a major body needed fuel and needed it NOW! I may need to eat a bit more food before undertaking such strenuous exercise I tell myself.  I felt weak and on the verge of crankiness. Look Out Ron!!!  I made a quick chicken stir-fry for us to enjoy fireside and now I’m back in the saddle, content and satisfied.

The digestive tract has settled into a more “normal” routine as well. I really don’t like to comment on that too much unless something really “shitty” happens. 

So, that is it! That is my day 10! I’m in a better mood, more energetic, full of ideas, feeling stronger and leaner, and willing to see what day 11 brings. I still miss “cocktail” hour, but not as much as I did several days ago as I am realizing the effects of  no alcohol in the bloodstream: my mind being bright and clear and my body more capable of performing not only necessary daily tasks, but meeting the occasional challenges I demand throughout the day. ( like snowshoeing up a mountain from 7200 ft above sea level to about 8200 ft or more ).
 `a demain! 

Please stay tuned for Days 11-30 and what I learned about the body/mind/spirit connection while doing "The Experiment"!

It may be a couple of days before I get back to you!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taking the First Steps

"If you want to find the answers to the BIG Questions about your soul, you had best begin with the little answers about your body" George Sheehan

  I hope that you can relate to the first nine days of my journey on the Whole 30 Plan. I've read many diet books over the years and most of them lay out a detailed plan as to exactly what you can eat and can't eat. They also require money and sometimes lots of it. Many of the "healthy diets" have turned out to be not so healthy and require medical supervision. What appealed to me about The Whole 30 was it's simplicity (no measuring, no weighing, no portion control, no special supplements, etc.) AND that I was able to determine for myself how my body reacted to different food groups. I do not believe that we are  all "engineered" exactly the same; we are like snowflakes with subtle differences in the way our bodies metabolize and utilize food. This plan made sense to me and I liked feeling empowered to take charge of my own body!

 So, without further adieu: My physical and emotional adventures of "Doin' the Whole 30"!

Days 1-9

 Unfortunatley, I decided to start  keeping a daily journal of what I call the Whole 30 “Experiment” (curse the word DIET) after I was already over a  week into it, but I feel that it is not too late to relay the benefits and the trials that I have experienced from this way of eating thus far. From this day forward I will  continue to write daily about the positive and sometimes less desirable effects of  The Whole 30 Eating Plan.  

IT...STARTS...WITH....FOOD....DISCOVER...THE...WHOLE ...30 AND ...CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Now that is a pretty big promise to make.... that I am going to be beautiful,skinny, radiant, successful, rich, kind, sexy.....the person that everyone wants to be with or even be??? Wow!  Well, this is a book that I must read. So, I read the book with jaded enthusiasm.  I have a nursing background and there are some pretty big difficult-to-understand words like prolamin, phytates, and casomorphines which I do not hear on a regular basis (if ever), but there is enough information relayed in this book so that even the non-medically trained person can understand that a lot of what we eat is KILLING us or making us SICK (diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, thyroid malfunction, metabolic disease, depression....yes!!! Depression....a life-long struggle for me) . This is not the first book that I have read on the subject of food and how it impacts my well-being  as I have always had a somewhat sick fascination with food and my relationship with it....(mostly how much weight can I lose in a week to look drop dead gorgeous for that class-re-union) but, I digress. Now, I am being honest here: the REAL reason that I decided to give the Whole 30 a try was because I am going to Kauai in 3 weeks and I want to get into a bathing suit and look like I did when I was 50 ( I unusual age, but I did a body building competition and I think that I looked pretty hot....more about that later in my blog) .Yes, this is a sad commentary on my relationship with food. One,perhaps, more noble reason that I wanted to give this 30 day experiment a whirl was to see if I could actually be rid of those achy knees, shoulders, hips, in the hope that I can avoid the surgical knife under all circumstances as well as the ability to stop tossing those anti-inflammatory drugs like lemon drops in to my stomach which in reality are more toxins with which I stress my poor liver. 

 Lastly...IT IS ONLY THIRTY DAYS....I can go back to my old ways and habits right? But, honestly, if I look “hot” in my bathing suit lounging by the pool in sunny Kauai  then those 30 days were all well worth it! At least that is what I am telling myself.

 So, days one through nine; how did they go?  I started with enthusiasm and determination to stay the course so days 1 and 2 of eating healthy proteins, a variety of gorgeous multi-hued veggies and a more petite size portion of fresh fruits 3 times a day kept me satisfied for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  About day three I was really longing for the highlight of my day : Cocktail Hour! There is always a good reason to have cocktail hour: "I had a shitty day, I’m exhausted, I’m so excited about my new shoes, the dog pooped in the house, Ron got our new master bedroom closet installed, someone said I looked like I was 54 instead of 59 "(I would have never imagined being thrilled over such a compliment....but, as my Mother would say “You never know until you get there”). I’m sure everyone has a million good reasons to look forward to cocktail hour.  (BTW, I did not know that alcohol packs twice as many calories as sugar which shamefully scares me a lot more than the fact that I chose to ignore : it has absolutely no nutritional value)!

 However, with my Mom’s Texas style determination and grit I stuck to my guns and tried to find new ways to satisfy getting thru cocktail hour with substitues: herbal tea( sorry, no substitute), hot water with lemon (better), sparkling water in a wine glass (the best) and focusing on one of my favorite pastimes :cleaning house. Right...I'm not that desperate yet!

 I do love a good steak, hamburgers, chicken, turkey and BACON (oh, yes, I am a bacon whore.) And you know what? On The Whole 30 I could eat all of those yummy meats with one restriction, they preferably had to come from a healthy organic source or if not in my budget then the less desirable choice of meat had to be trimmed of all visible fats ( as factory farmed meats, and especially the fat, are loaded with toxins that will kill my good intentions.)  If I am going to stick to this plan and get honest results then I most certainly will not contaminate “the experiment” on my body with toxins! And just a little bit of self- encouragement....if I give up the alcohol and the processed foods, then for the most part I can afford to eat healthy organic food. It’s all about choices as "they" say. 

So, the  pitfalls that want to trip me up and make me believe that I am  treating my body unjustly: 

1)headaches( the achy temple sort)

 2)less energy and strength than usual (as witnessed by my husband as we snowshoed up a steep mountain that we have trekked up many times before.  For the first time EVER I could not make it to the top). "Oh, No! I must not be getting the right food to energize my body or I am getting old" my mind chatters at me! "Well, then it  is settled...I’m not eating right. Maybe I should reconsider this eating, the authors of the book said that I would have headaches and less energy in the first few weeks as my body would adjust to fat burning from sugar burning. Think BIKINI JoNell:))))) " "Alright then" I say to myself," I will keep on giving this a whirl, but if it doesn’t get better quickly, then, I am out of here and back to getting up to that mountaintop with the help of my wine, cheese, and chocolate!" 

 One other pitfall and perhaps the worst:

 3) Cranky (Oh, yeah, about getting my panties in a wad over the "my nu tay" of daily life ( “don’t look at me like that, what did you say”?( with testy attitude),”you don’t love me anymore”....waaaa. waaaa, waaaa. Just ask my husband ! It is not easy to live with someone who is addicted to sugar and alcohol and all of a sudden it’s not part of the program anymore.  Withdrawal symptoms are a bitch and I give accolades to my husband for withstanding the evil eye and nasty comments which occasionally spit forth from my mouth like a wad of chew to a spittoon. 

Last, but not least, (and unfortunately, the LEAST desirable topic for me to touch upon)

 4) my digestive system, my bloat, flatulence, my poop. This is a subject which is very unromantic and very difficult for me to talk about because, well,  “it’s private”. However, according to the most popular medical guru on TV who has no trouble talking about such tabu subjects , Dr. Oz....poop is a pretty good indicator of our inner health. In the first 7 days of following the Whole 30 I felt like my gut was waging war: cramps, unexpected and unbecoming farts, fits, and many trips to the bathroom. Eventually, after the first week my gut calmed down but something miraculous happened: my poop became a different color, shape and texture. It looked the way it said Dr. Oz said it was supposed to (S-shaped) :Oh MY!!!. And another thing my urine is almost the color of water which I know is normal, but mine always looked like honey and isn’t urine supposed to be yellow? No, I think I have read enough medical literature when it comes to pee-pee, it should look like a very pale straw colored water. 

Well, enough about the aspects of this diet that could possibly be enough to derail me. I want to talk about the wonderful things that have happened:

 1)I have dropped 4 lbs of that could just be some water weight, but it could also be a little fat as my tummy has definitely flattened out a little. Hello...bikini in Kauai...yes, I am still a slave to my vanity. 

 2)I wake up feeling energized and excited to start a brand new day! My mind clicks along a little faster, the grueling tribulation of learning how to conjugate french verbs is coming a little easier, the natural sweet tastes of a strawberry or a blueberry without added sugar are more prominent. I look forward to what I can create in my kitchen using only wholesome food from the Whole 30 recommended lists of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fats. AND I can cook up a wonderful dish for lunch, breakfast, or supper with the snap of a finger! Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, but I don’t want to spend hours every day in the kitchen when I have so many things I want to do in a day like read, quilt, exercise, play with my dog, have coffee with a friend, talk to or see my children, create something wonderful with my hands, and last but not least spend some quality time with my beloved. 

3)  As far as my physical energy levels go it gets better with each day. My aches in my knees are a non issue when I go snowshoeing and I usually especially feel them when I am going downhill. My hips are not aching at night. The pain in my clavicle remains, but all in all, I see improvement. I don’t expect that this experiment will resolve all my physical issues...after all I am almost 59, but if I can help my body to do the best it can do for  my age by feeding it the right nutrients on which it thrives and performs at it’s best, then I have accomplished my goal!!!   PLUS I will look darn tootin' good in my bikini!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paths of Life

"Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself" Katherine Sharp

So, here I am, months away from turning the big and scary... 6...0... and the closer it creeps toward me the more I find myself evaluating the paths that I have chosen along my life's journey.

1)... Paths soaring with adventure, fun, joy, family

2)... Twisting, winding, tortuous Paths covered in brambles and thorns

3)...Paths laid by my Creator: clean, sturdy and with a clear purpose

4)... Sloppy, muddy Paths that I have chosen to build on my own without forethought that have sometimes sucked me dry of my zest for life.

5)...And Now... The Path I am taking with conviction: the inward and honest study of who I am without the endless reel of justifications winding and twisting through my mind.

 Each minute, hour, day and year there are defining moments when one makes a choice between a reaction and an action. Those are the spaces that count. Those are the moments that will create your life's symphony.....a life of harmony or a life of discord. 

Do I have regrets? Sure I do!!! There are so many different branches of life's path from which to choose and I did not always pause to listen and thoughtfully consider my options in that critical space between action and reaction. But, along with those more than occasional regrets comes the opportunity to learn and to nurture wisdom, discernment, hope, faith and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Why did I suddenly have this unquenchable thirst to learn about physical health, food, emotional and spiritual well-being?

 Well, honestly my fascination with food was more about self vanity than healthy eating. (Ya' know anybody like that? ). I was also bone weary of dealing with the roller-coaster of depression, guilt, and shame! My journey down this path started with just ANOTHER attempt at 2014 New Year's resolutions:

1)  Finish a dust-covered book of daily inspirations (Simple Abundance) that I had started multiple times and then never picked up again after the first week

2)  Read a book called The Desire Map (learning how to tune into our core desires which in turn impacts the outcome of our choices)

3)  Read yet another book that peeked my interest about nutrition : It Starts With Food : The Whole 30

( These last two books were recommended to me by my friend who constantly inspires me, Lara Blair! She has the most amazing blog: The Extraordinary Simple Life).

 Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that actually following through on my usually quickly- shelved New Year's Resolutions would take me down the most exciting self-discovery adventure of my life!

There is a wealth of knowledge and opportunity out there for each of us to access and ponder on how we can achieve and live a healthy, happy and prosperous life and for the most part that knowledge is FREE FOR THE TAKING.

                                                                I would love to share with you "my diary" of the first 30 days of my own personal journey down my most enlightening path thus far. My heart's desire is that you will be inspired and empowered  to make moment to moment choices that will put you firmly on the path of leading a happy, healthy and rich life.

Can you describe the paths that you have chosen to venture down on your own personal journey?
I would love to hear your insights!


Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you will return once I have had a chance to fill it with useful information to inform and inspire!! See you soon!